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En Plein Air was an interactive VR experience created in MI 484, Building Virtual Worlds, where you interact with a large falcon using voice commands to explore the world around you. I was the programmer and game designer for this project. The environment and 3d models were produced by 4 3d artists who I worked closely with to make sure we would not only meet our deadline but also have an interesting story to tell. This was my first real vr project and also the first project with a team where I served as a producer. It was also my first project where I was the lead programmer. The project was really a trial by fire for me as I did not really have as much experience working in unity and C# as I would have liked. Over all the project involved a lot of googling and piecing together of different systems that I had had little to no previous experience with. This project is one where I think that I learned the most about unity and some of its limitations and strengths as a game engine.