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Digital Twins

Role: Engineer

Dev Team Size: Mixed

Time Frame: 2+ years, Ongoing

Summary: Realtime 3D full campus representation

worked to develop multiple Digital Twins across a varity of use cases. Work included developing geolocation workflow, GIS conversion tools and workflows as well as implementation of UI and new interactions. also worked to develop use case specific tools for internal R&D Twins. the cross-functional team worked to convert client feedback into actionable changes and updates in an agile workflow.
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5G Telemedicine

Role: Lead XR Developer

Dev Team Size: 26

Time Frame: 1 year

5G enabled multimodal telementoring platform

Worked with OUSD and JBSA clients to produce a 5G enabled platform leveraging AR,MR, remote rendering and Volumetric capture. Development was also supported by subcontractors in a cross-functional and cross company team. The goal of this project was focused on the testing and research of 5G networks for new and previously impossible use cases.
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